About Us


Love To Learn Playhouse!
Our program offers a safe and stimulating environment created for children ages 6 months - 3 years along with their caregivers.  Our classes are offered at multiple time slots throughout the week and are designed to engage and entertain your child while still fostering their natural desire to wander and explore.  We offer open-ended learning activities where your child can participate as much or as little as they would like and equipment to help to practice a broad range of their developing skills.


All of our classes are available to any child 6 months - 3 years.  Activities are designed to appeal to all levels and can be modified for your child's current skill level.  We believe in following your child's lead and encouraging their natural desire to learn and explore at their own pace.

What Makes Us Special
We offer an extremely flexible class structure to be able to accommodate even the busiest of schedules.  Classes can be booked, rescheduled, and cancelled online up to 45 minutes prior to each session.  There is no commitment to specific class times and you can sign up for any class that works for your schedule.

Be sure to download our
App to be able to book, reschedule, or cancel your classes, view class sizes, and to have access to our Members Only Specials! 

Meet The Team


Miss Jess

Hi! My name is Jessica Moy, I am a local mom to  2 beautiful little girls and am the owner of Love to Learn Playhouse.  I have worked in the early childhood education field for over 20 years and have always dreamed of opening my own play place.


Early childhood education has always been my calling and I have gained so much knowledge and amazing experience over the years.  I began in high school with babysitting and tutoring, and then attended Kean University where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  Soon after, I accepted a position as the Executive Director of a non-profit preschool and child care center and worked there for many years.  Most recently I worked on a team of classroom observers for the National Institute of Early Education Research. I am so thankful for all of the wonderful opportunities I have had in the early childhood education field and am very happy to be able to apply what I have learned at the Love to Learn Playhouse.


Jules pic.jpg

Miss Jules

Hi there! My name is Julianne Yetka, I am the proud mother of a wonderful daughter, Lily. I grew up in Leonardo most of my life and still consider it my home. Growing up I enjoyed babysitting for neighborhood kids and younger cousins. I was involved in cheerleading from a young age and I’m still that outgoing kid at heart. I married into a family with 9 nieces and nephews with a wide age range. Interacting with them as they’ve grown has inspired me to follow my true calling, starting a career in early childhood development. There isn’t anything that brings me more joy then interacting with kids and encouraging them to express themselves through play. I look forward to being a part of this experience between you and your child!


Miss Tiffany

Hi! My name is Tiffany Noonan. I am an mom of two teenage daughters and the coolest aunt to 8 nieces and nephews. I grew up locally and enjoy all the experiences the area has to offer. For the majority of my adult life I was in the salon/spa industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I came to realize that it was time for a change and some fun! I tapped into my inner child and decided to make some new friends. When I heard about Love to Learn Playhouse I thought this would be something amazing! I believe children have so much to learn and discover.  They are these little humans who we can help learn to enjoy life, smile, laugh, make friends, and introduce them to a gentle learning experience where they can be themselves and have fun!